Training means we have intent, objectives, goals and a mission to accomplish. The big picture mission is simple, we want to be happy, healthy and strong – both mentally and physically.

Intent without action accomplishes nothing.

Setting goals is easy. Being accountable for those goals is the hard part – and that’s where we come in.

Our team at Crossfit Mansfield focuses on helping you achieve your goals.

How do we establish a goal that’s accountable? Follow these three easy steps.

Begin with the end in mind… What do you want achieve? What will it take to get there?

Start small… The little wins will snowball into larger wins down the hill. Consistency wins.

Establish SMART Goals

What’s a SMART goal? Glad you asked!

S – Specific; Should be simple and defined what you are going to do.
M – Measure; Tangible evidence so you can achieve the goal.
A – Attainable; They should push you just outside your comfort zone.
R – Results-Focused; Goals should measure outcomes, not activities.
T – Time-Bound; Goals should be linked to a time frame that creates a sense of urgency.

Here’s an example:

Attendance Goal: I will attend Crossfit Mansfield 3 times per week to build a stronger, healthier me.

This goal is simple, it has a clear definition of completion… it’s a quick win and meets all the SMART Goal objectives.

It’s your turn! What is your first goal going to be?