We see a tad less attendance somedays here at CFM. Notably on days we are working on the Olympic Lifts.

The Olympic lifts are the Clean, Jerk and Snatch. We often train these in complexes and breakdown the movements into pieces for practice at each level.

How dod these lifts apply to you? Lets have a look!

You think Oly lifts aren’t cardio? Think again…

Nobody complains about a press or a push press from the rack or a pull up but guess what? You will move the weight or your body about one third of the distance as you would a full Clean and Jerk or Snatch. This is more taxing and you will literally use every muscle in your body for an olympic lift.


Oly lifts require skill and discipline. You will have to perform more reps in order to meet skill requirements to lift even moderately heavy. Scared of discipline or skill? I don’t think so.


An Oly workout can be great in as little as half an hour. Leaving you more time to train other movements that make you warm and fuzzy inside.


Lastly, Oly lifts build muscle as well as strength which will aid in burning fat and keeping you lean or getting lean.


Dont skip lifting days because you think its not “cardio”, give yourself the full benefit of the program.