Nutrition should be the foundation of any training program and while there are many different “methods”we can use, we always advise starting with simple principles.

1. Eat whole, natural, real foods. This means fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, meat, fish and poultry

2. Avoid processed foods. This means ready meals, cereals, basically avoid anything that has an ingredient list, especially if it has ingredients with the names of items you don’t know how to pronounce!

3. Avoid items that have “added sugar”, such as sweets, candy etc.

4. Stay hydrated. The minimum amount of water you need per day can be calculated using this simple formula:

Bodyweight in lbs x 0.5 = fluid ounces per day

A common question we get is “do I have to be 100% strict all the time”, the answer here is “no”. Studies have shown that those who stick to a nutrition program 80+% of the time get the roughly the same intended results as those who follow it 100%, but they also get some opportunities to enjoy the foods the love!

So what does 80% look like? Just do a little more math…

Let’s assume you eat 3 meals a day and have 2 snack (5-a-day), thats 35 eating opportunities a week. 80% of that is approx 28 meals where you should stick to the principles, the other 7 you can bend the rules. It’s important to note we say bend the rules, not go hog wild.

On the meals when you deviate from the nutrition plan principles have one serving of something”off-plan” i.e. a glass of wine (not the whole bottle), a slice of pizza (not the entire pizza), a few squares of chocolate (not the full bar).

If you want a more in-depth and personalized nutrition program you can speak with us!