Get moving!
Hey y’all! Hope you are all staying warm and safe! Here is a little humor 😉, an at-home workout, Mindset piece, and a recipe.
Make sure to move today, focus on what you can control, hydrate, and fuel from good healthy food!
“The purpose of pain is to move us in action, not to make us suffer.” – Tony Robbins
Pain gets a bad rap.
Not in our world.
Pain is a purely a temporary feeling… where suffering is a state of mind.
As Tony Robbins puts it, it’s purpose is to move us forward. It’s leverage. An advantage, and a very powerful one at that. Few things in the world can get a human being to move faster than pain. It’s our body and mind telling us to go.
Pain is mandatory.
Suffering is optional.
At-Home Workout:
9 Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)
15 Odd Object Rows
21 Air Squats