1. the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

One of our guiding principles here is making you Durable and Resilient. What is Jared talking about now you may ask? Take a few minutes here to read and understand why we have an all encompassing program here that includes methodologies other than Crossfit and a focus on your Nutrition and Mindset. We are and always have been a Crossfit gym. But our exercise selection is based the best bang for your buck and keeping people moving pain free for longer! #crossfitsmarter

I have seen first hand the repercussions of NOT taking care of your body and mind. Loss of strength leading to not being able to care for yourself, Loss of confidence and mental strength, not paying any attention to Nutrition and exacerbating everything else mentioned above.

Life has a way of checking this for you. Normally it is an unexpected event that lets you know, “Hey Wake up and take care of yourself.” Working out regularly, training your mind and eating well will build that Durability and ability to withstand hard times physically and mentally.

I can give you 2 examples on either end fo the spectrum. On the extreme side you have Military, Fire Police. In these professions you need to  have a durable chassis and mind to be able to continue to function at a high level. Training in these professions is geared towards Durability.

Everyday life example: Last year I had a surgery that put me down for 6 weeks. 20+ years of training in several methods helped me recover physically and mentally. For my sweet wife, this meant she would be the only caretaker of our youngest as well as coaching more classes at the gym and running the household. That is a tremendous workload. She also, has been working out and taking care of herself for years! Being fit enough physically and mentally to take care of me and a 2 year old and a business requires a lot of durability AND Resilience!

How can you build durability?

Keep showing up or join us! Make sure you are sleeping, eating and resting enough.  Reach out and ask a coach about Nutrition and how you can build yourself up!