You may have the best of intentions, but the truth is, when faced with all the tasty temptations life throws your way, you crash, crumble, and burn the house down.

A few examples come to mind –

Your kids want a treat from Sonic and you cave and get the triple scoop banana sundae #fail. Your spouse/ significant other/friend wants fast and convient pizza instead of the healthy meal you planned. Somebody brings donuts to work, or theres a work lunch, or a happy hour ????. You’ve eaten all of your macros and it’s only 2:00 in the afternoon ????

Sound familiar? Part of your success lies in how you proceed. Like coming to a crossroads. Choose right and you may fall off a cliff. Choose left and you end up in paridise. Sometimes its worth the risk and a minor detour.  Sometimes its not.

So now what?

First off, effort always pays off and a tweak here and there goes a long way.  Lets look at some examples –  your kids want a treat from Sonic, opt for an unsweetened tea, diet green tea, or lemon berry water. Still refreshing, a slight bit of sweetness, but won’t set you back.

Instead of spending pizza night binging on carbs, check the menu. Most pizza places also offer salads, and other options that are more macro friendly. I suggest loading up on salad and veggies, which add volume to your plate, fills up your belly, and you will be less likely to have piece after piece of macro massacring pizza. If you must, Plug in 1 piece of pizza and go from there.

Work lunches, and happy hours – eat your planned packed lunch ??. Repeat after me, I will eat my packed lunch!  Having meals you like on hand will save your life, ha. Or rather help you achieve your goals! Worst case, load up on salad and pick the leanest meat available. Pass on the pasta, and rolls. Happy hour – avoid alcohol at all costs. If you must indulge, limit yourself to 1 drink. Avoid sugary syrups or mixes.

Final scenario. You gobbled up ALL your macros and its only 2 in the afternoon. Eeekk! Never fear. Here are a few ideas on how NOT to fall off the cliff. “Fast” and go to bed early.  Yes, go to sleep early.  You’ll wake up with a skinny smile on your face,  and can enjoy a good breakfast. Or, you could have a light snack – Eg. egg whites, a 1/2 English muffin, a laughing cow cheese. Or eat a sensible light dinner.

When you feel like you’re losing your s***, or that you’ve already lost it, remember your WHY. Then remind yourself of this: One blown meal is no reason to turn that into a blown day. A blown day is not an excuse to give up and blow the whole week. Get the jist?

Don’t stop believing [Invision Journey singing that to you]. Each snack, each meal is an “opportunity” to nail your numbers. Just remember, you are in control.  A positive mindset, concentrated effort, and determination,  will all help pave the road to becoming a lean, mean, fat loss losing machine ??.

Coach Trish