“We help micro-gyms and small business get their clients/employees quick and accurate body composition metrics so that you can lead them to the results they want.
Without wasting time and guessing on progress! You can have precise results!”
Hi it’s Jared and Jess Ray We appreciate the follow and any shares!
We wanted to introduce our new company, DFW Body Scans.
In 2017 we bought our first Inbody 270 and it has transformed how we do business at CrossFit Mansfield and RISE Bootcamp.
Thousands of people have been able to see progress at a very deep level and been able to adjust diet/exercise to stay on track or maintain using our Inbody!
We are blessed to be able to purchase a second Inbody 570 this year!
Having two machines gives us the mobility to bring the machine to other small company’s, gyms or Personal Trainers to show their clients the progress they have lead them too!
Stay tuned here for lots of great usable content on all things health!
Here is a short video about Body Composition!