June 2018

Want Results Like These?


Brett tracked his macros pretty loosely AND still saw these great results! We work with people remotely as well to get the same results. What does remote mean? We help you with weekly strategy calls and custom macros! Workout at your own gym or with us. Either way! Download the Better Human App and Flexible [...]

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September 2017

What Are You Made Of?


Wonder what your made of? Still need to drop a couple pounds of fat and throw on some muscle? Lets find out with an Body Scan and a consult to show you what you can do! https://crossfitmansfield.com/programs/ Give us a call to set up that appt! 817-592-3151

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Bacon and Tomato Sweet Potato Bites


Hey check out this little recipe I found on http://www.paleoplan.com Servings 4 Total Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Nutrition Information Calories 396 Carbohydrate 25.3g Protein 17.8g Fat 25.1g Ingredients Ingredients 2 medium sweet potato(es) 2 tablespoon(s) olive oil 2 cup(s) tomatoes, cherry or grape cut into quarters 6 slice(s) bacon chopped and cooked in [...]

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May 2017

March 2017

Women and Lifting Weights….What you need to know (part 1)


1 Myth about Strength Training and Women   MYTH #1: STRENGTH TRAINING CAUSES WOMEN TO “LOOK BULKY” Let’s get this one out of the way straight out of the gate. Many women associate resistance training as bad and something only men should do because they believe it leads to weight gain and a “bulky look.” [...]

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